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Update 28.07.2018 ENGLISH VERSION
[Obrazek: DQih.png]

** Update 3.20.8 - 28.07.2018 23:45 **

- New Extreme Task System
# These tasks are repeatable and give less experience than paragras tasks
# To start extreme tasks visit npc Vegeta in west city. You can make only 1 task per day but there's no time limit to finish it.
# You can have only 1 task active at a time.
# There are 3 dificulties of tasks (easy,medium,hard) for completing 3/4/5 tasks of the same kind(eg. 3 easy/4 medium/5 hard) we get an extra reward box depending on dificulty!
# You can cancel task at any time(the monster counter will be reseted and you won't be able to start next task this day)
# To get extreme task you need to meet only one condition coplete paragras/paikuhan task of the same kind. For example to get extreme task for metalics you need to finish strong tsufuls task from paragras!
# In some tasks you can chose either to get full exp or less exp and chance for an item. For example if you finish

- Information about dragon ball will be visible on the defualt channel as well(red font)
- STQ Experience changed (informations on wiki are up to date now)
- Now if you hit 1%-4% the kill to boss task will be counted but you will earn only 1/3 exp and money if you hit more than 4% you get normal exp and money

- Map Changes:
# ladders and stairs on vegeta gyms changed
# new enterance to c13 resp (under brolly)
# new quest rooms on respawns
# level doors changed
# added -1 floor on 2nd vegeta city
# new gym on desert city (south from dende)
# some fixes to vegeta houses
# more monsters on hyper annihilator and yeti spawns

- Monster EXP Changes
# Armored oozaru 9450>9700
# Super destructor 11500>12100
# Ultimate annihilator 16000>17300
# C13 19000>21000 dmg ki-5%
# Blaze metallic 21000>23000
# Gigantic snake 11500>14000
# Gigantic spider 19000>21000
# Kaddish 50000>59600
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